The Earning Potential

“… one of the best decisions I ever made.”

The Diamond Home Support Franchise business model offers an excellent earning opportunity with low start up costs and overheads. We have specifically designed our franchise to allow easy entry to those with the motivation and commitment required to make our business succeed. Our business plan is designed to bring you into profit quickly and to build a long term sustainable business in your local area.

You won’t find too many business that can be initially run from home that you can get up and running for just £9,000. Furthermore, you could be in profit within 6 months! That’s not just ‘sales’ talk – it’s reality. Our prospectus lays out the business model for you and gives you profit and loss forecasts for the first three years. You can request a copy of our prospectus using the form here.

To give you a flavour of what you can earn let’s do a few simple calculations here. Our franchisees have the flexibility to charge whatever they think is appropriate for their own area, but in the main that tends to be around £14.50 per hour. Similarly they can also set their own cleaner rate and generally this is around £11 per hour. So our franchisees earn, on average, £3.50 per hour of service they provide. At first glance that doesn’t sound too great, but look what happens when you multiply it up. The average client will have 2 hours of service per week. Each client is therefore worth £7 per week. That’s £364 every year.That money comes in month after month after one sale. If you were selling TVs or mobile phones you would need to keep selling to keep earning. With our model you make a sale once and then keep earning from it month after month. The figures soon begin to build …. if you have 50 clients you could be turning over £18,000 per year. 100 clients could give you £36,000 and so on ….

The overheads are also low …. insurance, our franchise fee and marketing. We offer an extensive franchise package with a large territory circa 100,000 households.

To get more detailed information download a copy of our prospectus. Find out what some of our existing franchisees think.

Contact us today and see how we can help you build a sustainable, profitable, long term business for you in your area.

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