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Do you need a cleaner in Callington?

Do you work long hours? Have a demanding family? Maybe you can’t do the things you used to be able to do? Whatever your situation, Diamond Home Support is here to make your life easier. We provide a whole range of domestic services in the Callington area to support busy professionals, families and the elderly. Our aim is to provide you with that little extra help when you need it.

Your local professional domestic cleaning service in Callington

Diamond Home Support offers a reliable and comprehensive house cleaning service. All of our cleaners in Callington are experienced and live in the local area.  If you have a regular cleaning service from us you will have the same cleaner every visit so that they get to know you and your requirements.

All of our cleaners in Callington are vetted and insured for your peace of mind. Our house cleaning service is flexible and affordable. We are committed to providing our clients with a first class cleaning service.

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Domestic Cleaning Service

Areas we cover

We can provide domestic cleaning services across Callington.

Diamond Home Support also has local offices in Tavistock, Okehampton and Liskeard.

"Yoko was ever so good and very polite. I'm really happy with her!"
Mrs H, Tavistock

"Julie was great and did a good job. I’d love to go ahead with a regular clean please :-)"
Mrs W, Callington

"Very happy indeed with the first clean. Fiona presented herself well, was willing to do anything to suit and was a very hard worker who seemed to work to a high standard. An excellent start!"
Mr R, Tavistock

"Julie was great today. My wife got home in time to say hi before she finished. She’s done a great job."
Mr A, Kelly Bray

"Julie was fab! She was great, natural, warm and kind. Lovely lady, we are very happy."
Mrs H, Calstock

"Very happy with Julie, she did a great job on Wednesday, no complaints from us! Thank very much."
Mr L, Callington

"Gina has been a truly wonderful cleaner and so helpful and friendly. We have loved having her and can’t recommend her highly enough. You have been a wonderful company and so helpful."
Mrs A, Tavistock

"Jane is excellent - thanks Ian. :-)"
Mr L, Callington

"Clare has worked with care, attention to detail and flexibly around our home working environment always mindful of Covid restrictions. We have been delighted with her work on every visit."
Ms S, Tavistock

"We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Clare. Her work has been excellent from the first visit and she is a pleasure to have in our home."
Ms V, Tavistock

"I just wanted to say, Heidi is amazing! I am a fussy cleaner, but she is fantastic. Thank you so much for finding her for me!!"
Ms W, Callington

"Helen has been great and she's very friendly and thorough."
Mrs H, Callington

"All went really well today. Heidi has done a fantastic first couple of hours and really concentrated on the kitchen which was in dire need of attention. She was also very friendly and professional. Brilliant!"
Ms C, Stoke Climsland

"Just wanted to say Steph was fantastic and did a great clean for us"
Mrs E, Callington

"Mum was delighted with Clare and said how helpful and friendly she was and cleaned very well."
Mrs AS, Tavistock

"Clare was very nice, we got on immediately! She got through much more than I could have hoped for, I'm looking forward to seeing her again next week!"
Mrs K, Tavistock

"Jane did a great job - the house looks and smells lovely. "
A.L, Callington

"Gina is a treasure! She always does more than expected, she's reliable, on time and a pleasure to have in my home!"
Mrs L, Callington

"Clare did a sterling job, and she was lovely. She concentrated on the jobs I wanted done, I am very happy thank you!"
Ms T.T, Tavistock

"My Mother is loving Gina who cleans for her on a Monday, she looks forward to her arriving. Thank you again for the great service you offer :-)"
Mrs BR, Tavistock

"I liked Gina very much – lovely lady - and she certainly did a much better job than I had previously experienced. Gina’s manner and presentation was absolutely lovely and overall the clean was good "
Mrs C, Tavistock

"Gina is so good and my mother is delighted with her. Thank you so much!"
Mrs W, Tavistock

"Stephanie has just been to us to clean and I just wanted to feedback how lovely and what a amazing job she has done for me. Thank you!!"
Mrs S, Kelly Bray

"Hi Ian, Rebecca was brilliant as usual!"
Mr L

"I'm back working now and it has been unbelievably hectic and busy here too, so thank goodness for Helen!!"
Mrs G, Callington

"Sonia is excellent so professional and careful. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation. Having her clean for me has really improved my ability to cope with the pressures of work and enjoy life when at home."
Ms D, Okehampton

"Yes we thought Jane was GREAT thank you. She did wonders on our kitchen sink!"
Mrs S, Gunnislake

"She did an excellent job and was respectful of the need to socially distance. She seemed a lovely lady and I felt very comfortable to have her in my home."
Mrs T, Liskeard

"Jane was really wonderful, she really was. Excellent cleaner and a lovely person!"
Mrs D, Gunnislake

"I was very pleased with Sonia, very happy. She was excellent and I just hope she didn't mind the mess!!"
Mrs S, Okehampton

"Jane was lovely. Was here early, left late & did a great job!"
Mrs W, Tavistock

"Helen was really wonderful thank you! We're so happy she is our cleaner, she's such a nice lady."
Mr J, St Anns Chapel

"We were very happy with what Brodie did and she seemed comfortable with our dog. Hope she didn't mind our chaotic home!"
Mrs B, Calstock

"Clare was wonderful and lovely and I'd like her to come back every Tuesday please!"
Mrs R

"Steph was great, both in terms of her friendly personality and the quality of her clean!! I would be happy to arrange a 2 hour fortnightly clean."
Mrs J of Calstock

"I can say that both Lindsey and Heidi have been fantastic and I would be more than happy to recommend your company and your staff to anyone."

Mrs H

"We are very happy with Helen's work, she's easy to have around and it is making a big difference having her help."

Mrs T

"Helen was just perfect for us, couldn’t fault her Dad was pleased as well. Thank you again big worry off my mind."

Mrs B.C.

"Claire was fantastic! Friendly, professional and SO efficient! I couldn't believe how much she achieved in just two hours."

Mrs L

"Emma was lovely and very punctual, her cleaning standard is brilliant - very happy!"

Mr C.P

"Emma is wonderful. She uses her initiative, if something needs doing - she does it! We're so pleased with her thank you :-)"

Mrs L

"Very pleased with Helen. She arrived at 1pm, I showed her around and introduced her to the dogs. She's done an excellent job with getting started, the kitchen hasn't looked that good in ages!"

Mrs L

"Karen is the hardest working cleaner I have ever had (and I've had a few). She cleans every visible surface swiftly and thoroughly. Many are cluttered but clutter is swiftly tidied and surfaces cleaned. Her bed-making is excellent - something I rely on and nothing I ask is too much trouble. But better still, when she arrives she is always cheerful and positive. My husband and I are in our mid-eighties, and I am sometimes housebound for a week at a time but Karen's visits are like a breath of fresh air."

Mrs K

"Emma is doing an absolutely wonderful job and we’re thrilled to have her. I honestly think she’s the best cleaner we’ve ever had :)"

Mrs S.L.

"Hello Ian, I just logged on with the sole purpose of writing you an email saying how happy we were with Helen and what she has done. She did a great job and we would very much like her to continue coming!"

Mrs L.R.

"I'd like to thank you for sending Helen into clean for us each week since having my operation, she is a lovely lady and it's been a huge help having her."

Mrs H

"I want to thank you and Emma for what has been a fantastic service you have given to us :-)"

Mrs J.H.

"Emma has been a star!! So thank you for finding such a wonderful and kind lady."

Mrs J.M.

"I just wanted to pass on that Clare did a great job and I came home to a clean and sparkling house!!! Thanks for arranging things and I’ll look forward to meeting her next week."

Mrs S.L.

"Dear Ian, Lisa was brilliant, we are very happy with her and would like to continue with her please :-)"

Mrs K.Q.

"Emma is doing a fantastic job and we are very happy with the service we are receiving :-)"


"Just wanted to say Katie has done a great job for me this morning. I’m very pleased!"

Mrs S


"Felt I must contact you to say how pleased I am with Karen. She has been with us for some months and is even better than when she first started. She now anticipates exactly what needs doing. She works quickly and very efficiently and is so kind and thoughtful. She really is invaluable."

Mrs Kennedy



"Natasha was simply brilliant! We are delighted with her, she's everything we wanted!"




"Yolande has provided excellent support. She has been unfailingly kind, flexible, warm and friendly to us all, including the somewhat over enthusiastic dog!"




"Amber was lovely; very polite, presentable & understanding. She cleaned the house well & I now have a sparkling bathroom once again! Hurray! "




"Hello Ian, we are so very pleased with Caroline. She did a super job here today and it's wonderful for her that she only lives round the corner from us. Both your card through our door and then Caroline today were a godsend. Thank you so very much."




"My cleaner is lovely. She does exactly what I need and her cleaning is thorough. I no longer have to worry about the weekly clean!"



"Your cleaning service has made my life much easier. Thank you."

Mrs Simmons

"Thank you for your help, which has been invaluable. My cleaner is very reliable and does a good job."
Jim B

“Let us give you back the time in your life with our domestic cleaning services in Callington”