We pay an excellent rate of £9 per hour based on 200 leaflets delivered per hour. At the moment we require just a few hours a week to suit you, but this may increase in time. We make no agreement to offering you any work or of minimum hours as you will not be employed by Diamond Home Support. You will be working on a self employed basis and therefore you will be responsible for declaring this work to HMRC and paying any relevant tax or national insurance. By signing, you agree to registering as self employed with HMRC (if you are not already registered) and to the terms stated below. Read these terms carefully and make sure you follow them.

We always provide details of where the leaflets should be delivered (maps with road names) and we will keep these together in the same area so that it is easy to walk. Before we make payment we always check the area to ensure the leaflets have been delivered correctly. Once you present us with an invoice and completed map we will choose 5 houses at random and check to see if they received a leaflet, if they all say yes then we make payment. If any say no, we check a further 5. We reserve the right to pay the invoice at a discount of up to 50% if 2 or more checks are negative – if all checks are negative we are under no obligation to make any payment. If any checks are negative we are unlikely to use your services again. Payment is normally made directly to your bank account within 72 hrs after your invoice and completed map are received as long as you follow all the guidelines below and all of our checks are satisfactory.


  1. Only deliver to residential homes and sheltered housing (no businesses).
  2. Only deliver leaflets given to you by Diamond Home Support (nothing else to be delivered at the same time unless provided by DHS).
  3. Complete all houses/flats etc on one map before moving on to another map. Don’t forget to include main roads and streets that your map does not show names for (this is rare).
  4. Use a highlighter pen or colour pencil to show the sides of each street that you have completed. If there are any areas you think that are highly unlikely to use the services on the leaflets, do not deliver here and clearly cross the area/street off your map.
  5. When you complete a map write on the top the approximate number of leaflets you delivered. You can estimate this based on how many packs of leaflets you have used for this map (there are 250 leaflets in each pack).
  6. Your map is your proof of delivery – KEEP IT SAFE. You need to return it to us with your invoice in order for us to make checks on your area to ensure that leaflets have been delivered. Without it we may not be able to authorise payment of your invoice (you may also want to photograph it as extra evidence in case it is lost/damaged).
  7. In order to receive payment, you must complete one invoice for each completed map and send them to the address you are given.
  8. Although you are working as self employed, recipients of leaflets may link you with Diamond Home Support. It is therefore important to appear smart, tidy and act in a professional manner. For instance, where there are signs on doors saying things like ‘no leaflets’, do not put a leaflet through that door and do not highlight it on your map.
  9. If you no longer intend to deliver leaflets you have been given, you must return them with any maps or other equipment loaned.


  • Please enter a number from 1 to 50.

Thank you for your interest in joining us as a self-employed worker. Please submit the form above if you:

  • agree to abide by the guidelines above;
  • are prepared to work on a self-employed basis;
  • have the right to work in the UK and can provide proof of this;
  • can provide proof of ID;
  • can provide proof of address;
  • can provide two references; and
  • acknowledge that you are responsible for your own tax affairs and will register with HMRC as self-employed if you have not already done so.