Looking for flexible cleaning work?

We need self-employed domestic cleaners, home helpers and gardeners
Competitive rates. Regular, flexible work. You choose hours and days.
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Looking for flexible cleaning work?

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Cleaning Jobs with Diamond Home Support

Cleaning Jobs


Domestic Cleaning

All of our jobs are in a residential domestic setting.


 You will only be offered jobs from the local branch you apply for. So all jobs will be local to you.

Regular Income

An excellent hourly rate, well above minimum wage, and regular work.


 We will offer you jobs as and when they come in. All you have to do is accept the ones you want and decline the jobs you don’t want.


We will insure you so you are always covered whilst working with us.


You will be attached to one of our local branches who will assist you as and when you need them.

What We Do

Our role is to introduce self-employed tradespeople (e.g. cleaners) to clients who are looking for work to be done (e.g. cleaning). If you are already a self-employed cleaner and are looking for more work we can help you find it. If you are not currently working as self-employed then we would still be happy to hear from you as long as you are reliable and have the right experience (you would need to work on a self-employed basis if you agreed to join us).

How It Works

1. Apply

Simply fill out our application form and choose your closest Diamond Home Support office. You can apply from the bottom of this page.

2. Sign Up

Our local Diamond Home Support office will review your application. If you meet our criteria we will be in touch in order to find out more about you.

3. Earn Money

Once you are accepted onto our database as a tradesperson, the local office you have been dealing with will start to offer you jobs as and when they come in. You simply pick and choose the jobs that suit you and watch as your income steadily builds over time to a level that suits you.


In order to work with us it is important that you:

– have experience of cleaning

– are reliable and trustworthy

– are prepared to work on a self-employed basis

– have the right to work in the UK

– can provide proof of ID and address

– can provide two references

Cleaning Jobs

Further Information on Partnering With Us

What does it mean to work as self-employed?

So you are interested in partnering with us, but you are not currently self employed. What does it mean?

Our role is to introduce self-employed tradespeople (e.g. cleaners) to clients who are looking for work to be done (e.g. cleaning). We work in partnership with tradespeople to help them to grow their businesses and in the turn to grow our own. One of the most difficult things about starting out as a self-employed cleaner/home helper/gardener is to find clients. It’s time consuming and costly. But if you join our database we can find all of the work for you. So we reduce your cost and workload. We make it easier for you to get started or to grow your own client base.

If you were to join our database, having gone through our vetting process, you would start to be offered clients in your area (as and when they come in). When we see clients we assess them against the tradespeople on our database and introduce them to the tradesperson that is likely to fit their needs best.

You choose which days and hours you make yourself available. When we offer you work you can decline it and just choose the jobs you prefer. You have the freedom to fit in work with your other commitments.

You do not need to provide equipment or materials as you use the client’s own. You are paid by the client on the day of service – generally by cash (or by which ever way you decide to between the two of you). The vast majority of your clients will be regular jobs on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

But isn’t it scary to be self-employed?

Not at all! In fact it is becoming more and more common place for people to offer their skills on a freelance basis. Many people think they have more security and control if they are employed. But then you are entirely in the hands of your employer. They tell you what to do and when. When you are self-employed you choose what you do and when and if things go wrong its down to you and not others. You fit the work you take on around your life and not the other way round. That means more security not less.

Won’t I need to pay huge amounts of tax?

It’s all very simple. You register as self-employed. Then once a year you complete a form telling HMRC how much you have earned. You can deduct from this expenses – such as travel. You then pay any tax due. If you work with us you work on a self employed basis and must pay your own tax and National Insurance. But you do not pay any tax until your earnings are over £12,500 per annum (at the time of writing). For example, at £10 per hour that is about 24 hours of work each week!

In addition you can earn around £6,000 per annum before you pay any National Insurance.

Both tax and National Insurance thresholds include money from all self-employed and employed earnings. So if you earn money elsewhere you need to take that into account.

If you currently claim benefits some of your benefits may be affected, but for those working on a low income in-work benefits can really help (e.g. working tax credits/universal credit). Get advice on this from your local Job Centre.

If you think that all sounds straight forward why not come and work in partnership with us?

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If you are interested in starting your own business with us you can read more about our cleaning franchise opportunity.