Diamond Home Support is looking for cleaners, home helpers and gardeners in many parts of the UK

This page gives you a brief idea of how you can partner with us and what we are looking for.

Our role is to introduce self-employed tradespeople (e.g. cleaners) to clients who are looking for work to be done (e.g. cleaning). If you are already a self-employed cleaner and are looking for more work – we can do that for you. If you are not currently working as self-employed then we would still be happy to hear from you as long as you are reliable and have the right experience (you would need to work on a self-employed basis if you agreed to join us).

Already self employed? Simply skip to the APPLY NOW section below and apply directly online now.

Not yet self employed? Have the right experience of domestic cleaning? Willing to work self-employed but not sure what it means? Take a look at our more information on working self-employed page and we will explain further.

APPLY NOW – Please choose the area of the UK you are in from below and you will be redirected to an online application form that you can complete straight away.