Cleaning Franchise Frequently asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions we get asked about starting a cleaning franchise.

How much does a cleaning franchise make?

Both domestic and commercial cleaning franchises can make the owners a very decent living. It is possible to earn over well over £100,000 per annum from a cleaning franchise business. More commonly the average is around £40,000 – £60,000 once the business is established. However, how much you make from a cleaning franchise will largely depend on your skills, aptitude, and leadership. Two individuals operating the same cleaning franchise, and in similar locations, can earn significantly different amounts due to the way they run their business.

Is a cleaning franchise a good investment?

Yes. If you have the right skills, time and investment then investing in a cleaning franchise can bring about very good returns. Domestic cleaning in particular has been a rapidly growing sector for many years. The under-35s have driven a lot of this growth and there seems to be no slowing down. An earning potential of £50,000+ within 3 years is not uncommon for people with the right skills.

Is it worth starting a cleaning franchise?

If you have good people skills, are not afraid of hard work, and have money to invest in the start-up then starting a cleaning franchise offers good prospects. Having the right ‘people’ skills is particularly important as customer service is number one in the priorities of the cleaning business owner! If you work hard and are patient the rewards are pretty good too, particularly as you go into years two and three. 

What is the cheapest cleaning franchise to start?

At £4,995+vat Diamond Home Support offers one of the cheapest cleaning franchise start-ups. For this you will get an exclusive territory, a full start-up package, and ongoing support and training throughout the lifetime of the business.

Diamond Home Support is a large domestic cleaning franchise network. You can download our prospectus for more information.