“I joined Diamond Home Support in October 2014 after almost a year of researching other franchises and business opportunities in the local area. But I decided on this one for a number of reasons:

1) I am no salesman! In this business, you can be successful without necessarily being a good salesman. You do need to be prepared to work hard though.

2) The business model is easy to understand and follow, even for someone like me.

3) This is a people business, so you need good people skills. (I think I do!)

4) Running a business like this gives me great flexibility to work around my other (family) commitments.

5) The initial financial commitment is manageable, and the ongoing franchise fee is reasonable

The first few months are hard, pounding the pavements delivering leaflets and wondering where your first client will come from. But if you put the effort in then, the rewards come later – and come they will. Twelve months in, and still almost half of my clients come from leaflets. People can hang on to them for months before ringing, but my advice is at every opportunity early on, get those leaflets out. You can target areas where you’ve got cleaners.

Support from HQ in far away Kent is always there. I’ve had various issues – with cleaners and with clients – and Andrew has always been on hand to help and offer advice. Prior to joining the Franchise, I found him to be honest and realistic in what is achievable in this business. It is not a get rich quick scheme, to get any kind of rewards you must be prepared to work hard and offer something your competitors do not. It’s all about customer service. Read the manual, follow the guidelines, tweak them if necessary to fit into your way of working. I’ve no regrets about joining.”

Ian, North Devon

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