It is important when considering a business to invest in that you take time to consider all the facts so that you can be reassured:

  1. That the business model works and can be profitable
  2. That the business is right for you
  3. That the business is operated by people you can trust and get on with

I hope that by reading through our prospectus and information on this website that you feel you have sufficient information to make a decision on the first 2.

How can we reassure you by the third point? We can point you in the direction of numerous franchisee testimonials which you can read through. These are just a selection of 70+ franchisees that actively operate our franchise across the UK.

What we can also do is give you some facts about what our franchisees think about the support we provide. We recently conducted a survey which included questions about how satisfied our franchisees are. The results are as follows:

  • Initial training – 100% of those who responded rated it good or better
  • Ongoing training – 100% rated it good or better
  • Head Office cares – 100% agree
  • Leadership has a clear vision – 100% agree
  • Franchisor believes in continual improvement – 100% agree
  • Franchisees treated fairly – 100% agree
  • Trust in franchisor – 100% agree

Should you require further reassurance then why not pick up the phone and speak to us on 01795 859182. We can also arrange for you to come and see us and we will answer your questions face to face, openly and honestly, so that you can make the right decision for you.

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