Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips For 2021

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that season when the world begins to bloom after the gloomy, cold winter. With the warm breeze and sunny days that bring some ‘walking on sunshine’ vibe, spring is a delight.

But, the season is also known to trigger allergies because of an increase in dust, pollen, and other dirt particles that gather during this time. This, and the effects of the winter before it, calls for some major cleaning. Indeed, spring cleaning was invented out of necessity.

That said you can have a jolly good clean up at any time of the year. It doesn’t have to be spring of course.

Now, the idea of having to clean up your entire space, be it home or office, can be overwhelming. You ask, where do I even start?

We understand and so we have gathered some spring cleaning tips and tricks to help you manage the mess and enjoy the season. Here are our top ten spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Have a Plan and Prioritise

Check which areas are in most need of thorough cleaning and where dirt and clutter have built up since your last clean-up.

This not only helps you estimate how much time or cleaning supplies you will be needing, but you can also plan your schedule and be more focused on the areas that need your greatest attention.

2. Get Started

Now you have had the idea to have a good spring clean, you have prioritised the areas you think will need the most attention, and you have a plan! None of that of course means anything unless you actually get started.

At some point you need to put the rubber gloves on and make a start. At this point it might be worth thinking about a reward you are going to give yourself when the job gets done.

Having a good spring clean can take a couple of days. That’s a lot of work! So have a think about what you will do to reward yourself afterwards. That might just give you the motivation to make a start.

Rewards After A Spring Clean

3. Break Up the Task

Tackle one room at a time, finishing it before moving to the next one. You might even break each room down into areas to deal with in turn. That way you break large spaces, which can be overwhelming, into smaller manageable chunks. This way, you feel less overwhelmed and more able to track progress as you work along.

4. Declutter First

Yes, get rid of what you don’t need first. Otherwise you’re going to be working around and cleaning things that don’t actually need to be there in the first place. Indeed one of the biggest impacts of a good spring clean is to get rid of things that have accumulated and are not needed any more. We have some tips for decluttering your home.

Declutter your home

5. Top to Bottom

Clean from the ceiling downwards. That way you can utilise the useful effect of gravity! Maybe get rid of any cobwebs around the ceiling and then make a start on the tallest things in the room first. Otherwise, if you start at the bottom, that’s going to get dusty again as you move upwards.

Cleaning Top Downwards

6. Cleansers from the Kitchen

Chemical cleaning solutions can affect your respiratory health and so using reliable natural cleaners found in your kitchen might be a better alternative. DIY it by combining equal parts white vinegar and water, and adding lemon rind or rosemary sprigs or a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a fresh scent.

You can use this as an all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant to clean surfaces, floors, tiles, doorknobs, sinks, furniture pieces, glass, etc. (Caution: Do not use acidic solutions on granite surfaces).

You can use baking soda for your appliances. Baking soda has earned quite a reputation as a cleaning agent and rightly so. Use it to clean the inside of your refrigerator, microwave oven, electric oven, dishwasher, and other home appliances. Just combine 4 tbsp of baking soda with about a litre of warm water. It also works as a deodoriser.

Domestic Cleaning

7. Clean Out Your Wardrobe

The musty smell in your wardrobe could only mean one thing, excess moisture that could be breeding bacteria. Give it a good airing, wash clothes that haven’t been worn for a long time and put in a wardrobe dehumidifier. You can buy very inexpensive dehumidifiers for about £2 each. Just put them in the bottom of the wardrobe and change them regularly as they collect the moisture.

8. Try and get the family involved.

If you can get other members of the family involved who live with you it will cut down the time it’s all going to take. With children in particular it’s a good habit to get them into. It can make them more respectful of their own space if they have had a hand in keeping it clean. But make sure they know how to stay safe while doing it.

Family Cleaning

9. Organise

After you have dealt with the clutter, and done the cleaning, it’s time to get things organised again. This can help you find things more easily in the future, but it also means you will keep things in better order going forward.

10. New Cleaning Habits

Finally, why not introduce some new cleaning habits to help keep your home staying clean and smelling fresh all year round!

You could decide that in future you will do a more in-depth clean perhaps once a month which might mean you don’t need to do a proper full spring clean again.

You might decide to start using external tradespeople, like window cleaners and domestic cleaners. That might even leave you with a bit more time for yourself!

If you’re interested in a professional cleaning service why not try Diamond Home Support.

Spring cleaning can be both therapeutic and intimidating, but with the right mindset and strategy, you can kick start your way to an awesome spring!

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