How To Clean Aluminium

How to clean aluminium

How do you clean aluminium to avoid scratches?

Aluminium and stainless steel are often used in the modern kitchen. They look great and can really make a kitchen sparkle! But, they need to be treated, and cleaned, carefully. Get it wrong and you can end up with scratches that can ruin the effect.

The first thing to note is that you should never use a scourer on these surfaces. There are some scratch resistant scourers on the market, but we suggest you avoid even these. Although you could always test a patch which is out of view to see what happens.

To be on the safe side however don’t use a scourer. That does mean you’re going to need a little bit more elbow grease as you’re not going to be able to rely upon the scouring action to loosen deposits.

There are two steps to cleaning aluminium and stainless steel. Firstly, to loosen and remove deposits and secondly to shine.

First up is the actually cleaning. Your deposits will be made up of food, oil, grease and grime. Ideally you want to remove these as quickly as possible before they dry and become caked on.

Use a microfibre cloth and warm soapy water. This should get rid of most of what you need to remove. If you find there are stubborn deposits then you could try some of the specialist cleaning products for aluminium.

Once clean then the next stage is to shine! This is the bit that really makes a difference. Use a little baby oil or even olive oil on a damp microfibre cloth. Make sure the cloth doesn’t have any hard deposits in it, however small, otherwise these can cause scratch marks. Once you have worked the oil in, make sure you continue to buff the surface until there is no excess oil left.

That will leave you with lovely shining surfaces every time you clean!

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